Salty cookie with a touch of butter, perfect to eat spread with jam, caramel sauce or tuna.


Margarine Amyel softens the dough and increases the volume of the product as it traps air bubbles that expand when subjected to the heat of the oven. Find it in its 15kg, 25kg and 50kg presentations.

Puff Pastry Margarine Amyel

It is ideal for obtaining crispy puffy products with well-defined layers. Find it in its 15kg and 20kg presentations.

Pastry Margarine Amyel

Rubs the small crystals of sugar letting air bubbles to form,  necessary to achieve the best flavor. Look for it in their 5kg, 15kg and 25kg presentations.


Raw material for whole grain or multigrain breads of excellent quality. Find it in our 40kg presentation.


Ideal for the production of whole grain breads with great flavor and texture. Look it up in our 40kg presentation.


Discover a new experience with each dish you sweeten. Find it in our 50kg presentation.


Find it in its 9kg multipurpose presentation.


Take advantage of its incredible versatility in its 50 kg presentation.


The good stuff is just beginning! Circus is the ideal option to have fun while enjoying the delicious flavor. Enjoy them in their 12g presentation.